The Plans

The Towcester Southern Extension will comprise a combination of new neighbourhoods, employment areas and community uses. The masterplan is based on very best practise in urban design, community integration and sustainable development, with strong links to Towcester town centre.

The proposals provide for 2,750 new homes in accordance with the principles contained within the Draft Core Strategy for South Northants, and the District Council’s adopted Towcester Masterplan document. Both indicate sustainable housing growth to the south of the town in the same broad location and scale as proposed in this scheme.

The development would provide a range of high quality dwellings of varying sizes and types, with around 20% of the development allocated for affordable housing.

What has changed since 2007?

The developers, Persimmon Homes and Bloor Homes, first consulted on these proposals in 2007. Since then, a number of significant changes have been made in response to issues raised both during that consultation and subsequently, including:

  • Reduced number of houses – now 2750, previously 3000 – so lowering the density of development across the site and allowing for more flexibility of design
  • An additional primary school site
  • Additional integration and linkages to town
  • Modification to relief road and alternative possible junction design with A43